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SRP (Sucker Rod Pump)

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Sucker Rod Pump (a.k.a Beam Pump) is an lift method.

Schematic of a simplistic sucker pump system[1]
Main Components:

  • Beam Pumping Unit
  • Sucker Rod
  • Rod Pump

Sucker Rod Pump Principles

Dynamometer Card Analysis

Downhole Dynamometer Card is the main diagnostic measure tool of the Sucker Rod Pump. It is formed by the values of position of the pumping unit and the pressure in the connection junction of the sucker rod and the pump. The shape of dynamometer card reflects the working conditions of sucker-rod pumping systems, and different conditions can be indicated by their typical card characteristics.

Full Pump Downhole Pump Card

Gas Interference Downhole Pump Card

Fluid Pound Downhole Pump Card

Malfunctioning Anchor Downhole Pump Card

Unachored Tubing Downhole Pump Card

Pump-Off Controller Downhole Pump Card

Worn Pump Barrel Downhole Pump Card

Leaking Standing Valve Downhole Pump Card

Leaking Traveling Valve Downhole Pump Card

Bent Pump Barrel Downhole Pump Card

External Links - Pattern Recognition For Downhole Dynamometer Card In Oil Rod Pump System Using Artificial Neural Networks - Patterns for Dynamometer Cards analysis.