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BBL Barrel
BPM Barel Per Minute
Cap Capacity
CSG Casing
DC Drill Collar
Disp Displacement
DP Drill Pipe
DS Drill String
ECD Equal Circulating Density
EFF Efficiency
EMW Equivalent Mud Weight
EOB End Of Build
FCP Final Circulating Pressure
FMDPP Final Maximun Drill Pipe Pressure
FP Formation Pressure
HP Hydrostatic Pressure
ICP Initial Circulating Pressure, Or (Insane Clown Posse)
IMDPP Initial Maximum Drill Pipe Pressure
KOP Kick Off Point
KWM Kill Weight Mud
MD Measured Depth
OMW Original Mud Weight
PPG Pounds Per Gallon
PPF Punds Per Foot
SICP Shut In Casing Pressure
SIDPP Shut In Drill Pipe Pressure
SK/SX Sack or Sacks
SPM Strokes Per Minute
SPP Slow Pump Pressure
TVD True Vertical Depth
VOl Volume
VC Velocity
YP Yield Point
WODL Wait On Day Light
SDFN Shut Down For Night
RDMO Rig Down, Move Out
MIRU Move In, Rig Up
RIH Run In Hole
TOOH Trip Out Of Hole
PU Pick Up (referring to tools or pipe to run in, for reports)
WOB Weight On Bit
TRQ Torque
BHP Bottom Hole Pressure (Hydrostatic)
SN Seat Nipple
FGR Fiber Glass Rods
KBAR Weight Or Sinker Bars In Rod String
TRRC Texas Rail Road Commission
TBG Tubing
BOP Blow Out Preventer
WBD Well Bore Diagram
TAC Tubing Anchor
EUE External Upset (Tubing Classifications)
PBTD Plug Back Total Depth
BHT Bottom Hole Temperature
BHA Bottom Hole Assembly
JT Joint
XO Cross Over
Perf Sub Perforated Sub (Tubing)
WLRG Wire Line Re
Perfs Perforations
STG Stage
NU/ND Nipple Up, Nipple Down
TOC Top Of Cement
WOC Wait On Cement
CTCO Coil Tubing Clean Out
WHP Well Head Pressure
OTGB Open Top Gas Buster
LD Lay Down (Tubing Or Tools)
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