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Integrated Field Development using Schlumberger software

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Still today over 90% of field development plans fail to fully predict reservoir behavior, resulting in expensive retro fits of the infrastructure, the introduction of unforeseen well expenditure, and the implementation of secondary recovery mechanisms late in the phase. The economic impact with project over runs on any development plan affects the bottom line dramatically.

This situation can be addressed by looking at all components of the development plan, by modeling the passage of hydrocarbons from the pore throat in the reservoir to the sand face of the well, up through the completions and into the network and all the way to the gathering facility.

In this video Schlumberger introduce how to integrate solutions to perform full Field Development Planning workflow.

And here is more general discussion on how reservoir risks and opportunity can be expressed as design tolerances on production equipment and contingent operating requirements over the full life of the asset by taking a pore to process perspective during development planning.

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