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PVT and Flow course - Single Component Vapor Pressure.

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Pressure - Temperature diagram is a map of the pressure temperature space where you'll find one phase, we might be calling it an oil (liquid) or a gas (vapor) and the PT space where two phases or both oil and gas coexist.

Pure Component Phase Diagram

Pure Component Phase Diagram.jpg

The line separating the liquid and gas regions is called the vapor pressure curve or boiling point curve. And it is along this line where you have the two phases and everywhere outside that line it's single phase. But the amount of the second phase could be so small that you would never really see it.

But on the Pressure-Volume diagram there is an envelope. And inside this envelope there is a 2 phase region.
Pressure-volume diagram for a pure component

Mother nature won't allow you to change the pressure until you get rid of one of the phases. When you get rid of the one of the phases, then the pressure starts dropping. This behavior only works for pure compounds.

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