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XTGeo - Python library for G&G from Equinor.

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XTGeo is a LGPL licensed Python library with C backend to support manipulation of (oil industry) subsurface reservoir modelling. Typical users are geoscientist and reservoir engineers working with reservoir modelling.

XTGeo main environment is as stand-alone Python script or notebook, but can optionally be ran inside RMS’s python. XTGeo is developed in Equinor.

Feature summary:

  • Python 3.6+ (Linux, Windows and MacOS).
  • Focus on high speed, using numpy and pandas with C backend
  • Regular surfaces, i.e. 2D maps with regular sampling and rotation
  • 3D grids (corner-point), supporting several formats such as RMS and Eclipse
  • Support of seismic cubes, using segyio as backend for SEGY format
  • Support of well data, line and polygons (still somewhat immature)
  • Operations between the data types listed above; e.g. slice a surface with a seismic cube
  • Integration to ROXAR API python for several data types is supported

Streamlining/automating reservoir modelling with XTGeo

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