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Main reservoir engineering equations

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Stock tank oil initially in place


STOIIP - Stock tank oil initially in place;
v - the net bulk volume of the reservoir rock;
φ - the porosity, or volume fraction of the rock which is porous;
Swc - the connate or irreducible water saturation and is expressed as a fraction of the pore volume;
Boi - the oil formation volume factor, under initial conditions, and has the units reservoir volume/stock tank volume, usually, reservoir barrels/stock tank barrel (rb/stb).

Darcy's law

Diagram showing definitions and directions for Darcy's law.
From Wikipedia:

Darcy's law.png

Q - volumetric flow rate (m3/s or ft3/s)
k - permeability, (mDarcy or m2)
A - flow area perpendicular to L (m2 or ft2)
μ - viscosity, (Pa·s)
(Pb - Pa) - pressure drop (Pa or psi)
L - flow path length (m or ft),

Radial inflow equations for stabilized flow conditions

Radial inflow equations for stabilized flow conditions.PNG


Book: Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering by L.P. Dake