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Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

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The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD)

  • is a governmental specialist directorate and administrative body
  • was established in 1972
  • reports to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE)
  • is headquartered in Stavanger and has an office in Harstad
  • has a staff of a little over 200

The paramount objective of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is to contribute to creating the greatest possible values for society from the oil and gas activities by means of prudent resource management based on safety, emergency preparedness and safeguarding of the external environment.

The NPD sets frameworks, stipulates regulations and makes decisions in areas where it has been delegated authority.

The NPD is responsible for conducting metering audits and collecting fees from the petroleum industry. Together with the MPE, the NPD is responsible for the security of supplies.

In addition, the NPD contributes administrative competence, mapping of resources and petroleum data administration for the development aid programme “Oil for Development”.


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