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PPDM Association

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The Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association is the global, not-for-profit society within the petroleum industry that provides leadership for the professionalization of petroleum data management through the development and dissemination of best practices and standards, education programs, certification programs and professional development opportunities. PPDM represents and supports the needs of operating companies, regulators, software vendors, data vendors, consulting companies and data management professionals around the globe.

Through the PPDM Association, petroleum data experts gather together worldwide in a collaborative, round table approach to engineer business driven, pragmatic data management standards that meet industry needs. Key standards include the Public Petroleum Data Model, What is a Well, Well Status and Classification, Well Identification best practices, data rules and more. In addition to the training and certification programs, PPDM professional development opportunities include conferences, trade shows, luncheons, workshops, HR support tools and student development programs.


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