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What is PVTfree? It is an Equation of State (EoS) PVT program, that is free!

It is intended for use by Reservoir & Petroleum Engineers for the analysis of PVT reports and the preparation of data suitable for use in reservoir and production simulation software.

There are NO warranties given for its use. And support and guidance will only be offered if agreed in advance with the original developer, Steve Furnival, of HoBoil Limited, UK: email

It is written in Python and uses modules from the NumPy, SciPy and MatPlotLib libraries; it is expected that any potential user has enough understanding (or who has an IT department with sufficient understanding) to 'make it work'.

At the time of writing, there is no Graphical User Interface (GUI) for PVTfree. You must create an ASCII file of keywords and data (a bit like creating an input 'deck' for a simulator) which you then run in the Command Prompt.

Anyone wanting to develop additional calculation modules - great, welcome on board!