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Basin Intel

Basin Intel is an intelligence company focused on providing real-time insights for the industry. We provide information to help you locate distressed investment opportunities, make smarter decisions, and analyze current courthouse activity.


Bassoe Offshore

Bassoe Offshore provides offshore rig brokerage & advisory services for the oil & gas and renewables industries. We have a global focus on drilling units, FPSOs and specialised vessels such as liftboats, accommodation & workover units.

Blackbeard Data Services LLC

We provide oil and gas royalty owner data to institutional professionals and independent investors alike in their quest to buy royalties.



DataResource has a massive petroleum data library for seismic data, well data, elevation, and additional data. In addition we can support in searching, finding, buying, selling, and trade data of petroleum data. Contact us for more information.



We deliver Information Solutions (PetroView, PetroScope, PetroReports, PetroInsight) and Advisory Services to help companies succeed in today?s multi-faceted global oil and gas industry.


Douglas-Westwood Limited

Established in 1990, Douglas-Westwood is a leading provider of market research and consulting services to the energy industry worldwide.


Drillbox, Inc

Founded in 2016 Drillbox, Inc provides current, accurate, and affordable, well data by subscription for as low as $29 a month



An online, map-based oil & gas data provider featuring permits, pre-permits, completions, production, aerial/topo maps, well events,and much more.


Visit this site to review an online interactive information feed. This offers key strategic insights for the world's top 200 companies. Email us to request a free demonstration copy of our powerful analytical database.


First Enercast Financial

Energy information covering the natural gas and crude oil markets. Helping risk managers, energy traders, and hedgers with weather forecast/historical data, EIA, NYMEX energy prices, weather market prices, real-time news, and commentary.


Gordon Energy Solutions

Gordon Energy Solutions is an energy consulting firm specializing in competitor analysis, strategic decisions, political risk analysis, and global issues concerning the international, integrated oil & gas industry.


Information Handling Services (IHS)

IHS delivers the world's most comprehensive technical information for the petrochem industry via the Web, CD-ROM, intranet and hardcopy. Standards from over 460 standards organizations are available, including API, NACE, ASME, ANSI, IEEE and ASTM.


Oil and Gas Reserves Database

Online searchable database of oil and gas reserves for Alberta. Also available in CD-ROM version that includes Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan. Reports can be viewed in both metric and imperial units or exported directly to Excel.



The Percon rugged vehicle computer products that provides high performance power in a compact and ergonomic form with maximum flexibility and durability in a range of extreme environments. In the warehouse, the yard, the freezer, or on the road/.


Petroleum Strategies Inc.

Petroleum Strategies Inc. is one of the nation's oldest and most trusted providers of Qualified Intermediary services for energy clients looking to structure tax deferred exchanges under IRC Section 1031.


PetroSwell Maps & Data

GIS mapping & data company maintains vast oil, gas, and land databases. Spatial Acquisition Specialists with the expertise to navigate the complicated process of securing data from even the most impervious and inaccessible state and federal agencies.


Primary Vision Inc

Primary Vision provides the most granular data as well as sophisticated analytics on water, proppant and stimulation chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.


Proxima Energy Limited

PROXIMA ENERGY is an independent energy company with core expertise in energy data, information processing, commercial strategy, and management services, with an Africa focus.


Purvin & Gertz, Inc.

Purvin & Gertz, Inc. is an independent energy consultancy with headquarters in Houston, Texas and an international network of offices. Our firm provides technical, commercial and strategic advice to international clients in the energy industry.


Technocom Translation Agency

Technocom is one of leading translation agencies and handle more than 80 languages. We take up translation, typesetting, voiceovers, data processing, transcription, calligraphy, multilingual websites & Software Localization.



TGS is the world’s largest geoscience data company, known for its asset-light, multi-client business model and global data library. TGS provides global geoscientific data products and services to the oil and gas industry to assist with licensing rounds and the preparation of regional data programs. TGS invests in multi-client data projects in frontier, emerging and mature markets worldwide that make up a data library of seismic imaging, well data and interpretive products and services.

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