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SMART4D is geomodelling, reservoir engineering and geosteering software developed by United Oil & Gas Consulting.
SMART4D provides a start to finish reservoir modeling and analysis tool that incorporates all available geological and geophysical data into a clean, easy to use, multifaceted display. The software also contains quality control tools for geostatistical mapping and characterization.

Using 3D mapping and visualizations,the software allows:

  • Spatial geostatistical mapping
  • 3D maps for reservoir characterization
  • Petrophysical characterization and visualization
  • Flexible horizontal panels to analyze your wells and reservoirs
  • The 3D models created in SMART4D can be used for geosteering or reservoir studies. The geosteering module combines the real time geology interpretation changes while-drilling, leveraging directional driller tools and sensors to provide an optimal well placement solution in a 3D environment.

SMART4D software package is composed of three modules: Geo-modelling, geosteering and reservoir engineering modules. The three modules combined allow for a complete pre-drill, while-drilling, and post-drill analysis of the reservoir.

SMART4D developed by United Oil & Gas Consulting.