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SensorĀ® is a generalized 3D numerical model used by engineers to optimize oil and gas recovery processes through simulation of compositional and black oil fluid flow in single porosity, dual porosity, and dual permeability petroleum reservoirs.

Sensor reservoir modeling software provides unparalleled results in terms of speed, accuracy, stability, reliability, and ease of use. It runs in a fraction of the cpu time required by other reservoir simulators, for both black oil and compositional fluid pvt descriptions, enabling unprecedented levels of detail and accuracy in your studies, and allowing you to make much better and faster decisions.The Sensor reservoir simulator has been used in numerous field studies by consultants and by independent, national, and major integrated oil companies.

Sensor is compiled for use on hardware running Windows 32- and 64-bit operating systems. A limited version can be downloaded, along with data sets, mapping and plotting tools, and documentation. Integrated interfaces and tools for static modeling, data preparation, job submission, pre/post processing and visualization, assisted history matching and optimization, and complete seismic-to-simulation workflows are offered by third parties.

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