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Volatile Oil

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Phase diagram

Volatile oil phase diagram
For a volatile oil, the shape of the phase envelope has contorted some, rotating counter-clockwise as compared to the black oil.
The reservoir temperature (point 1) is much closer to the critical point, and that the quality lines are no longer evenly spaced. As pressure drop below the bubble point, a modest decrease in pressure translates into a large change in gas evolution.


Reservoir state liquid
Initial GOR between 2000 and 3300 scf/STB
Producing GOR increases when reservoir pressure drops below bubble point
Initial STO (McCain) greater than 40oAPI, and increasing as Pres falls below bubble point
Color usually brown, orange, or slightly green
Bo at bubble point greater than 2.0 rb/STB
C7+ Mole Fraction between 12.5% and 20% (+/- 2)
Other produced gas is normally a retrograde gas

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