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GEM is CMG's reservoir simulation software. It's the equation-of-state (EoS) compositional and unconventional simulator that models the flow of three-phase, multi-component fluids. GEM will accurately model any type of recovery process where effective fluid composition is important.

GEM industry applications:
Unconventional Reservoirs- GEM’s flexible workflow robustly models natural and hydraulic fractures, multi-component adsorption, geomechanical effects, inter-phase mass transfer, multi-phase diffusion and non-Darcy flow.
Enhanced Oil Recovery- Use hysteresis, interfacial tension and velocity dependent effects on relative permeability in miscible floods and WAG processes. Ion exchange equations instead of annihilation matrix format input. Model the physics of asphaltene-related effects when gas/solvent is injected in the reservoir
Low Salinity Waterflood- GEM accurately simulates the fundamental low salinity waterflood (LSW) mechanisms, including ion exchange reactions, geochemistry and wettability.
Geomechanics- The iteratively-coupled 3D geomechanics module models subsidence, compaction and dilation behavior that occurs during advanced recovery methods.
Carbon capture and storage (CCS)- GEM models the long-term effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) injection into a geological formation or saline aquifer thereby helping determine the viability of the CCS project.

External Links

GEM Training:

Technical Papers

Abstracts of technical papers where reservoir simulator GEM was used.
SPE-171671-MS Understanding Water Flood Response in Tight Oil Formations: A Case Study of the Lower Shaunavon
SPE-168992-MS Well-spacing Study to Develop Stacked Tight Oil Pay in Midland Basin
SPE-166279-PA Estimation of Effective-Fracture Volume Using Water-Flowback and Production Data for Shale-Gas Wells
SPE-167778-MS Estimation of Stimulated Reservoir Volume Using the Concept of Shale Capacity and Its Validation With Microseismic and Well Performance
SPE-171602-MS Optimization of Duvernay Fracturing Treatment Design Using Fully Compositional Dual Permeability Numeric Reservoir Simulation

Webinar Videos

For GEM, you may be particularly interested in the following webinars:
The Role of Coupled Geomechanical Modelling in Reservoir Simulation
Comparison of Numerical vs Analytical Models for EUR Calculation and Optimization
Advances in Unconventional Reservoir Modelling

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