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CMG (Computer Modelling Group Ltd.) is a leading independent supplier of enhanced oil recovery reservoir simulation technologies. CMG focuses on developing simulation solutions that are easier to use and provide the most accurate results for compositional, conventional, unconventional and advanced IOR/EOR processes.

CMG is based in Calgary, Canada and has branch offices in Houston, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, London, and Kuala Lumpur. CMG began in 1978 as a small research company focusing primarily on heavy oil reservoir simulation. Later it expanded its expertise onto all aspects of reservoir flow and advanced processes modelling. Since inception, CMG has focused on the development and delivery of the most accurate reservoir simulation technologies available. Today, CMG is a world-class software technology company with more than 570 oil and gas clients and consulting firms, in 58 countries, using their simulation technologies. CMG reinvests 20% of its annual revenue back into R&D, which drives advanced reservoir simulation technology forward. With more than a half of its employees working in Research & Development, CMG software is the industry standard for usability, physics, robustness and performance.

CMG develops IMEX (black oil), GEM (compositional and unconventional), STARS (thermal) reservoir simulation software. The other technical solutions provided by CMG are: Builder and Results (pre- and post-processing tools), CMOST (integrated analysis and optimization), and WinProp (fluid property characterization).

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