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Request ECLIPSE Output to RFT File

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WRFT keyword initiates output of well RFT data to the RFT file. The data consists of the pressure, saturation and depth values for each grid block in which a well has a connection.

The keyword is followed by any number of records, each containing the following items of data, and each terminated with a slash (/). The set of records must end with a blank record, containing only a slash (/).

If the keyword is entered without any data records (that is followed only by a blank record), well RFT data will subsequently be output whenever a well is first opened. If the keyword contains data records referring to well names, then in addition the RFT data for those wells are output at that time in the simulation.

Example 1 - Request RFT data output for any well when it is first opened:


Example 2 - Request current RFT data output for specified wells, plus output when any well is subsequently opened.

'A*' /

WRFTPLT keyword initiates output of well data to the RFT file. The well must previously have been introduced in the SCHEDULE section. This file contains data for one or more wells describing fluid conditions in the wellbore or the connecting grid blocks at selected times in the run.

Please refer ECLIPSE manual for details.
ECLIPSE 2014 has been tested.

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