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ECLIPSE is Schlumberger reservoir simulation software.

The ECLIPSE doesn't have one interface, instead of this, there are solvers and software for preprocess and postprocess. They can be launched with ECLIPSE launcher or ECLIPSE OFFICE. ECLIPSE also integrated with Petrel and can be run from Petrel interface. (See How to run ECLIPSE)

ECLIPSE simulator suite consists of two separate solvers:

  • ECLIPSE 100 for black oil modeling with gas condensate options;
  • ECLIPSE 300 for compositional and thermal modeling.

There are auxiliary software packages for data preparation and postprocessing of the simulation results:

  • ECLIPSE OFFICE (preparation and analysis of model data),
  • FrontSim (streamlines modeling),
  • VFPI (software for the account of the loss of friction in the wellbore),
  • PSEUDO (generator of three-dimensional pseudofunction of relative permeabilities and capillary pressure)
  • SCAL (core data analysis),
  • SCHEDULE (setting up the production history),
  • PVTi (generating PVT data from the laboratory analysis of oil and gas samples),
  • FLOVIZ (an interactive 3D visualization).

Open data

Volve_Field_Open_Data#Reservoir_Model-Eclipse_model - Subsurface and production data from Volve Field is opened by Equinor

Official site


Fundamentals of Reservoir Simulation, Complete Applied Reservoir Engineering on Udemy
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