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STARS is CMG's reservoir simulation software used to model thermal, chemical EOR and other advanced processes. Reservoir engineers use STARS to simulate changes to the reservoir based upon fluid behaviour, steam or air injection, electrical heating or chemical flooding. The robust reaction kinetics and geomechanics capabilities make STARS the most complete and flexible reservoir simulator available.

STARS industry applications:
Thermal recovery- STARS is used to accurately model both steam distribution and reservoir conformance for increased efficiency and understanding of recovery processes and identification of any caprock integrity issues.
Chemical EOR- STARS is used to design and evaluate the effectiveness of all chemical additives used in cEOR processes. Globally, STARS is the most widely used foam simulator because it is the only simulator that mechanistically models the complex physical processes in foam flooding.
Complex wellbore- You can simulate advanced well completions and well geometry with FlexWell to maximize recovery and NPV.
Geomechanics- STARS has an iteratively coupled, finite-element based module for accurate calculation of geomechanical effects.
Coupled surface network modelling- STARS allows to simultaneously model the reservoir and surface network with fully-coupled subsurface and surface network models.

External Links

STARS Training:

Technical Papers

Abstracts of technical papers where reservoir simulator STARS was used.
SPE-174494-MS Modelling of Non-Condensable gas Injection In SAGD Process - Important Mechanisms And Their Impact On Field Scale Simulation Models
SPE 170051-MS Evaluating the Importance of Geomechanical and Reservoir Properties When History Matching 4D Seismic Data in SAGD Wells
SPE 170789-MS Impact of Fractures Characterization, Wettability and Hysteresis on Thermal Recovery Processes in Carbonate Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
SPE 170130-MS Quantifying the Uncertainty Associated With Caprock Integrity During SAGD Using Coupled Geomechanics Thermal Reservoir Simulation
SPE 170076-MS SAGD Wellbore Completion Optimization using Scab Liner and Steam Splitter

Webinar Videos

For STARS, you may be particularly interested in the following webinars:
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