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Hart Energy
Found this website - Since 1973, Hart Energy has been the global energy industry's comprehensive source for news, data and analysis that inform business and technology decisions. Media, research and data for the global energy industry.. . . more
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What is the difference between ASPEN HYSYS and ASPEN PLUS?
The difference is that HYSYS is flow based while Plus is process focused. Thus Aspen Plus is quite good at simulating non-ideal properties, systems with electrolytes, solids, azeotropes, and chemical reactions. While HYSYS is optimized for upstream oil & gas, gas processing, and refining. . . more
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PETEX offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
Use code FRIDAY25% at checkout to receive 25% off on all online Instructor-Led training scheduled for January-May 2021 this Black Friday! Prefer to work at your own speed? Use code MONDAY25% to enjoy 25% off on select E-Learning titles on Cyber Monday! Get the details by clicking the button. . . more
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Halliburton Landmark North America Virtual Events
Tune in for Tips and Tricks sessions with live Q&A, along with What’s New sessions, Tech Talks, and much more! These upcoming virtual events will cover a broad range of topics at varying skill levels. 2020 Halliburton. . . more
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Upcoming Online Education Events
Live learning. SPE Asia Pacific Webcast: Unveiling the Asset Value through Integrated Production System & Data Analysis - A Four Part Series (Part 2) Rahim Masoudi, PETRONAS Abdolrahim Ataei, PETRONAS Mohamad Kamal Hamdan, PTTEP 23 November, 0030 (UTC-6) SPE Asia Pacific Webcast: Unlocking. . . more
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What PVT model to use for reservoir simulation. Black oil or Compositional?
Check this table: Reservoir Fluid Process Black Oil model EOS (compositional model) Black Oil (Missing Intermediate Components) Primary Depletion/Waterflood usual choice possible but less likely Gas Injector (Separator Gas) well suited possible but less likely Enriched Gas. . . more
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Baker Hughes Rig Count
The Baker Hughes Rig Counts are an important business barometer for the drilling industry and its suppliers. When drilling rigs are active they consume products and services produced by the oil service industry. The active rig count acts as a leading indicator of demand for products used in. . . more
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Noble Energy is now Chevron
Chevron has completed its acquisition of Noble Energy, an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company. “We are pleased to welcome Noble Energy’s employees and shareholders to Chevron. Noble’s high-quality assets complement Chevron’s advantaged upstream portfolio, and. . . more
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Elfen wellbore & well log v.1.7 - Commercial Release: 11th November 2020
Successful hydrocarbon recovery has become increasingly challenging with the oil and gas industry exploring reservoirs under unfavourable geological conditions. Many operations rely on wellbore stability, usually provided by suitable mud-weight. Estimating the operating mud-weight window requires. . . more
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The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) presented resource map
A new interactive mapping application that reveals the location of every energy-related site in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) is expected to bring real benefits for exploration and the search for carbon storage locations. The game-changing app shows the proximity of existing oil and gas. . . more
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Modeling or simulation?
Usually term modeling is referenced to static, geologic models (see for example Common Workflow for Geological Modeling). And simulation referenced to dynamic reservoir models. But this is not very strict.. . . more
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What is Peaceman’s formula?
In reservoir simulation to calculate fluid inflow pressure drop (reservoir pressure - BHP) required. The pressure equivalent radius of the grid block is defined as the distance from the well at which the local pressure is equal to the nodal average pressure of the block. In a Cartesian grid,. . . more
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Do you use data-driven models?
Some engineers do not trust Dig Data in petroleum engineering. They say it is impossible to predict production using models that do not take into account reservoir properties. But at the same time, models limited only to production data are well known in the industry for many years. They called. . . more
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Halliburton and Honeywell have formed a partnership
Halliburton and Honeywell have teamed up the best of their technologies, people and process to fundamentally transform hydrocarbon recovery and asset performance by creating a true surface/subsurface digital twin that comprehensively integrates the entire value chain. Hydrocarbon recovery is a. . . more
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How to learn software?
Of course, there are paid instructor led courses. But many users greatly underestimate the help that comes with software. Almost all commercial software packages come with user manuals, technical descriptions, and data sets. Sometimes there are step-by-step trainings. Just check it out next time. . . more
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OLGA 101 – The (my) Basics by Andrew Amaechi Halim
I’ve attended a couple of OLGA courses (see here) both when it was owned by SPT and after it was bought by Schlumberger. On my first course I was like the proverbial deer in headlights, I thought the instructor was speaking “magjugunsi” (an imaginary language I used to speak when I was a. . . more
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Feedback, questions, suggestions, etc please leave in comments or email: . . more
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Welcome to Petrofaq blog!
Welcome to our blog! Petrofaq is created to summarize and share knowledge about petroleum engineering. The best way to do this is to use Wiki articles. But at the same time we want to share news and thoughts and we can't find a better solution than the blog. So we'll try to combine both formats to. . . more
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