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IMEX is CMG's three-phase black oil reservoir simulator. One of the world’s fastest black oil simulators, IMEX is used to model primary and secondary oil recovery processes in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Regardless of the size or the complexity of the reservoir, IMEX is an effective tool for a broad range of reservoir modelling and management issues.

IMEX models complex, heterogeneous, faulted oil and gas reservoirs, to achieve fast and accurate predictions and forecasts. Reservoir engineers use IMEX to move from history-matched, primary production and waterfloods to enhanced recovery processes in GEM and STARS quickly and easily.

IMEX industry applications:
Conventional reservoirs- IMEX models simple to structurally complex, heterogeneous, faulted oil and gas reservoirs, using as many grid blocks as required to eliminate numerical dispersion, to achieve reliable predictions and forecasts.
Unconventional reservoirs- IMEX incorporates one of the most sophisticated means of modelling naturally or hydraulically fractured reservoirs to accurately and efficiently capture transient flow behavior leading to better production forecasts.
Secondary oil recovery- evaluation of new drilling locations and forecasting of recovery for primary and secondary recovery methods in complex and heterogeneous reservoirs. It also allows prediction and comparison of reservoir performance by applying secondary recovery techniques such as polymer injection, pseudo-miscible gas injection, in continuous and WAG mode.
Coupled surface network modelling- IMEX is used for creation of explicitly-coupled subsurface and surface network models, including onshore gas storage fields and deep water offshore oil and gas fields.

External Links

IMEX Training:

Technical Papers

Abstracts of technical papers where reservoir simulator IMEX was used
SPE-171671-MS Understanding Water Flood Response in Tight Oil Formations: A Case Study of the Lower Shaunavon
SPE-166279-PA Estimation of Effective-Fracture Volume Using Water-Flowback and Production Data for Shale-Gas Wells
SPE-132093-MS Accurate Simulation of Non Darcy Flow in Stimulated Fractured Shale Reservoirs
SPE-163615-MS A Semi-Implicit Approach for Integrated Reservoir and Surface Network Simulation

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