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Petrel is Schlumberger reservoir modeling software.

Petrel is a system for:

  • Seismic visualization and interpretation by using SEG-Y and ZGY data cubes in 2D and 3D windows.
  • A seismic Calculator can be used for advanced operations on several cubes.
  • Automatic Fault Extraction with the Ant tracker attribute.
  • Seismic Volume Rendering, which allows the seismic volume to be more or less transparent.
  • The new Petrel Geobody interpretation module employs state-of-the-art volumeblending technology to quickly isolate, extract, and integrate a body directly into a property model for true 3D volume interpretation.
  • Building faulted 3D grids for reservoir modeling and flow simulation. A new approach for building faulted 3D grids is introduced which makes the grid generation process significantly faster while producing high quality results. There are few restrictions to the complexity of the fault pattern or fault types in Petrel.
  • Gridding of 2D structural surfaces honoring inter-surface relationships (erosion, onlap, etc.) and the generated 3D fault model. This method of gridding structural surfaces (3D mapping) is a true 3D approach and is unique to Petrel.
  • 3D visualization of geophysical, geological, petrophysical and production data. Petrel has an option to use 3D glasses for obtaining a true 3D effect (Virtual Reality).
  • Flattening of the 3D grid using a horizon as datum.
  • The 3D grid can be depth converted node by node by using different velocity models.
  • Making an improved zonation of the reservoir by using the Well Correlation facility.
  • Analysis of well data, upscaled wells and properties, including data transformations and a comprehensive variogram analysis package.
  • 3D property modeling based on well logs and trend data (stochastic, deterministic). This includes a calculator for solving complex mathematical equations involving one or several 3D property models; i.e. Sw transforms based on porosity and permeability 3D models.
  • Facies Modeling using stochastic and deterministic methods.
  • Fracture modeling using a Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) approach to create fracture properties for direct input to dual Porosity/Dual Permeability simulation.
  • Volume calculations, data analysis and plotting.
  • Upscaling of geometric grids and properties.
  • Streamline simulation using FrontSim.
  • Run ECLIPSE from Petrel. Set up an ECLIPSE Run in Petrel using Petrel grid and properties. E100 can be used for Black Oil simulation, and E300 for Compositional Simulation. There is also a library of more advanced Keywords which can be used in addition to the standard setup in Petrel.
  • Post-processing of simulation result data.
  • History Matching.
  • Well design in 3D. Digitizing, editing and visualizing of well trajectories based on the generated geological models. Output spread sheets with detailed well report and synthetic well logs.
  • Well Optimizer to create a series of cost-dependant realizations based on Target points and cost model.
  • Improved documentation and reporting of the project work through tight integration with desktop tools like PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

(from Petrel manual)

Petrel History

  • 1996 – Software and consultancy founded
  • 1998 – First commercial release
  • 2003 – Part of Schlumberger

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