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Petrel Data Types

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The following data types can be used in Petrel:

  • Line data (XYZ data). Examples: Interpreted seismic lines, digitized contours, fault polygons, fault sticks, area of interest polygons.
  • Point data (XYZ data). Examples: well tops, points from seismic interpretation, point clusters defining faults, isochore points, points with attributes.
  • Functions. E.g. Lookup curves.
  • Bitmaps. Formats supported are BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF.
  • Gridded surfaces (2D maps). Examples: regular surfaces from standard mapping systems, fault surfaces, property maps.
  • Well trajectories with logs. Example: XYZ points along a well trajectory with associated deviation survey (e.g. LAS 2.0 CWLS LOG ASCII), RMS well data.
  • Production data. Perforation intervals with properties, e.g. cumulative oil and gas values.
  • 3D seismic volumes in SEG-Y format and ZGY format.
  • 2D seismic lines in SEG-Y format.
  • Fault Models. Petrel fault model.
  • 3D grids with or without properties. Example: flow simulation grids generated outside Petrel, e.g. ECLIPSE.
  • Properties. Example: GSLIB, VIP, ECLIPSE, CMG.
  • Streamlines. Example: FrontSim, 3DSL.
  • Post-processing data. ECLIPSE summary files.
  • Simulation data. ECLIPSE and FrontSim data and results, Petrel summary data, VIP summary.
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