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Petrel 2009 Interface

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Petrel interface.PNG

Petrel explorer window panes:
Input - Contains all imported data and all generated files not linked to the 3D Grid.
Models - Contains all Fault models and 3D grids with faults, zones and properties.
Results - Contains output data from Volumetrics and Simulation runs.
Templates - Contains predefined and user defined color templates.
Processes - All available processes.
Cases - The Cases pane shows the cases and simulations produced when running simulation cases as set up in Defining a simulation case. Cases are shown as folders, with individual simulations shown within the case folders. Each case can contain a simulation for each of the three simulators: ECLIPSE 100, ECLIPSE 300 and FrontSim
Workflows - Stores workflows created by Process Manager for automated processes and operations.
Windows - Lists each windows and its settings. Can be saved or deleted.

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