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List of Reservoir Simulation Software

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Reservoir Simulation Software Company Official website Commentary
MEERA Target Solutions MEERA Simulator is a conventional 3D, 3-phase numerical reservoir simulator which guarantees mass conservation for all compositions within the reservoir and wells using flux conserved form of finite volume discretization for governing Navier-Stokes equations. The actual simulation is performed on a multi-scale grid with arbitrary up-scaled grid block properties. The AI/ML Engine Is a multi-layer deep learning framework having fully connected networks in conjunction with various drop-out layers and coupled with enhanced LSTM based recurrent neural networks.
ReservoirGrail GrailQuest low cost, quickly executed independent simulator especially effective in modeling waterfloods
JewelSuite Baker Hughes
PumaFlow Beicip-Franlab
IMEX CMG three-phase, black oil reservoir simulator
GEM CMG compositional and unconventional reservoir simulator
STARS CMG thermal and advanced processes reservoir simulator
Merlin Gemini Solutions
VIP Landmark (Halliburton) replaced by Nexus
Nexus Landmark (Halliburton)
tNavigator Rock Flow Dynamics
Tempest MORE Roxar (Emerson)
ECLIPSE Schlumberger
INTERSECT Schlumberger
ResAssure Stochastic_Simulation
Paradigm Dynamic Reservoir Modeling Paradigm
Sensor Coats Engineering
BOAST U.S. Department of Energy
MRST Sintef Applied Mathematics Free MATLAB application
IFLO Author - John R. Fanchi, Ph.D. Flow simulator by John R. Fanchi, goes as add-on with book Integrated Flow Modeling
FLOW OPM (The Open Porous Media) free and open-source simulator
DuMux Open source free and open-source simulator, part of the OPM (Open Porous Media)
Tecscheme Surgutneftegas Free, Russian
EXODUS PetroStudies Isothermal blackoil,K-compositional simulator
EXOTHERM PetroStudies Thermal simulator
TWBS PetroStudies Thermal Wellbore Simulator
ECHELON Stone Ridge Technology
DeepSim DeepSim,
Android - based reservoir simulator.
XXsim XXsim The EOS Based General Purpose Reservoir Simulator.
6X Ridgeway Kite 6X has been created with massively parallel systems in mind from day one, on a new software architecture which also gives a degree of portability. 6X is capable of running on various hardware systems: CPUs (Intel & IBM Power), GPUs, MICs on clusters, workstations and PCs, while retaining integrity of results. Inputs and Outputs are in ECLIPSE format.

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